Maryna Filonova (co-founder)

Maryna Filonova (Co-founder) Maryna is a co-founder of ICrave Dance & Entertainment, Lead Choreographer and Dancer. Our most experienced member of the ICrave team, she brings a wealth of talent and over 20 years dancing and performing experience. Maryna has graduated from National University of Physical Education and Sport in Ukraine as a Ballroom dance instructor and has performed on Colour Line cruises (Oslo, Norway) 2012, Dancer at Da Capo Variete (Darmstadt, Germany) 2013 and lead dance instructor and choreographer at Phoenix Dance studio (Melbourne, Australia) 2014. This ICrave star has also competed on the international stage and became IDF (International Dance Federation) World Dance Championship finalist (Nagykanizsa, Hungary) 2013, awarded as the Ukrainian Dance Show Champion (Odessa, Ukraine) 2012, and was the World Dance Show Cup winner (Yalta, Ukraine) 2013.