Runway Choreography & Catwalk Training

Runway Choreography & Catwalk Training We offer personalised training and coaching services for events, models and people who would like to gain confidence to embrace your own personal style and body image.

Our Icrave staff will customise a program to your specific needs with focus on developing your core centre and strengthen your body to allow you to walk smoothly, provide guidance in catwalk choreography for Runway and pose for photography shoots.

Whatever your needs, our experienced Icrave Staff will train you and develop you to your full potential and beyond.

We also organise and manage workshops, personal and group training and events. Whether you are competing or just want to gain confidence, grow professionally and discover your potential, Icrave will accurate your every need.

From beginner, intermediate to advanced modelling, we can teach and show you the key fundamentals in modelling and objectives of how and what you wish to achieve and how to make modelling a successful career or part time hobby.

Our experienced staff are reputable and recognised in the modelling industry and will teach you to improve your personal skills to a level of competency in aspects of Runway, Fashion apparel modelling, pivots, turns and Catwalk Choreography routines. During this process you will also gain and build inner core strength and balance to improve personal poise.

Our experienced Icrave choreographers have worked for the biggest bikini competition in Australia - Swimwear Model of the Year for Maxim Magazine, Face of Origin, trained and prepared models for Miss Fashion International, YPL Fashion Show just to name a few.